shift plan

+++ important: at least two people must be at the climate camp at all times +++

How do I sign up?

  1. open the link
  2. check the calendar to see when people are needed and then add your shift at the desired time
  3. just click on the calendar
  4. enter your information
    • Title: Shift – Group (for example: Shift SFF)
    • Time Slot: From when to when will you be there?
    • Calendar Type: Climate Camp Intern (green) Climate Camp Extern (blue)*
    • Who: Enter your name (or an identifying mark)


Events that other people add to the calendar are blocked and cannot be changed or edited. At the moment your own shifts can only be edited one time – as soon as the page is closed all events will be locked and cannot be edited further. Everyone can see the whole calendar the whole time.

In case you signed up for a shift and are unable to make it or want to change it, join our Signal group – Shift Plan Service. Tell us what the problem is and we will fix the issue. After the issue is resolved, you can leave the group again (or we will kick you out). This way not everyone see all the messages about the shift plan all the time. If you do not have signal, just send us an email (although it might take a little longer).

Teamup is the program we are using – it is an app; however, it works much better on a tablet, laptop of computer.

*Calendar Types:
Climate Camp Intern – people who are here often, who feel comfortable here and now what needs to be done
Climate Camp Extern – people who are here for the first time, who aren’t sure what needs to be done or who want a little help/support. Further, people who are coming from outside of Freiburg!