About us

We will camp until you take action. But what does that mean? It means that we will camp on the Rathausplatz, rain or shine, until the political leaders and decision makers finally decided to protect our livelihoods and take action. The climate crisis is no apocalyptic fantasy, no, it is already a reality in many places around the world.

It is far past due, the we handel this crisis as what it is, a crisis. We demand effection actions and changes, now! With out camp we are bringing the camp to the public and right to the door of our local leaders. We will not hide and we will not be ignored. 

At the same time we are creating a safe spce of discusion and climate education. With workshops, lectures, and informational materials we are here to help you understand the climate crisis. If you have questions, topics of discussions, are uncertain about your part in all this and want to help or are simply curious, stop by and come by and talk with us!

Unfortunately, there are always costs. We would therefore be very happy if you could make a small donation for us.

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  • bank name: GLS Bank
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