Great that you are here!

We are happy that you are visiting and supporting our Climate Camp! The Climate Camp is supposed to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe – therefore it is important, that we interact respectfully with each other!

Why Awareness?

Awareness means to inform oneself, to be sensibilized for certain problems. Awareness structures aren’t just working against symptoms, but are structures that try to hold a mirror up to society, structures that encourages debates and fights – until we know how we want and can live together. Awareness can support to create attention for discrimination and discriminating structures, can empower us or encourage us to reflect our own behavior.

Awareness is important for all of us!

Even in a self-organized context, where we try to avoid hierarchies, we aren’t free of certain mechanisms and can subconsciously reproduce discrimination. That is why we developed an awareness-concept; to create a space that is one step closer to our utopias and to learn how to create spaces where everyone feels comfortable. We hope for a feeling and experience of togetherness that does not exclude anyone and reduce the daily violence. We are here to fight together against climate change and create attention!

That’s why:

There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, ableism, class discrimination, patriotism and other discriminating behavior. Try to observe your own behavior and show solidarity with affected persons when you become a witness of discriminating behavior.

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